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WooWooHeart fans are passionate about Amy's jewelry and love to share their latest treasure and their love for their WooWooHeart pieces.


Deanna :

I love all of the thoughtful pieces of art I have purchased from WooWooHeart. When I wear them I feel empowered. It's more than your typical jewelry. She puts her heart and soul into each piece and is mindful of the recipient as she creates it. I love that she includes a description of the purpose of each gemstone as well.

Matt :

I love my WooWooHeart bracelets, they are well made and last a long time. But more than that, they are made with caring and intent, which carries through every time I wear mine. Amy has a lot of great designs, many of which are simple and look great on my wrist. Actually writing this review reminds me that I should go on the site and see what new designs she has.

Koko :

I have had a great experience ordering custom jewelry through Amy/WooHooHeart and I am in love with my jewelry pieces. I contacted Amy via Facebook Messenger and described the piece of jewelry I was looking for and sent her an example of what I wanted. I received the finished product in such a timely manner and there was even an additional complimentary bracelet included with Crystal Quartz and the meaning on a cute card. Everything was well packaged and neatly presented. Amy was such a pleasure to work with, I have continued to refer friends and buy her jewelry as gifts for family, etc.


Barb :

I love Amy's work, bracelets, packaging and soulful information she includes with each bracelet is SO good! I have enjoyed knowing the specific properties of the materials used in each of WooWooHearts beautiful bracelets. And they are just scrumptious!

Mackenzie :

I like WooWooHeart jewelry because when I wear them I feel better. I feel relief and like my true self which every person wants right? No matter if I'm angry, stressed, in love, happy or just sad I put on one of my bracelets on and feel at peace. I just plain love every single piece of my WooWooHeart jewelry that Amy creates!

Lorrie :

I wear WooWooHeart jewelry because it reminds me to self care. I appreciate the high quality of materials and the heartfelt intention that goes into the jewelry. I always connect to positive and desired intentions while wearing this amazing, beautiful and supportive talisman. Also the outstanding customer support and care is greatly appreciated.
Photo by Danielle Cohen

Photo by Danielle Cohen


Erin :

I buy WooWooHeart jewelry constantly for my friends and my self, and everywhere I go I receive compliments!  The thing is, Amy’s pieces not only make you look good, they make you *feel* good.  I swear that they deliver whatever their properties promise, and I also know that Amy pours love, TLC and magic into each creation.  You can feel her heart the moment you open your package!  Oh, and definitely give her designs away as gifts ... you will get addicted to the joy on the recipients faces!

Melissa :

WooWoo Heart has become my go to for gifts for myself and for those I care about most. I love that the pieces can be customized so they are perfect and become exactly what the recipient needs. The care, intention, and love that goes into each piece is truly amazing and the pieces are stunning and unique works of art because of it. Everything I have ordered is the highest quality and beautifully packaged. I can't speak highly enough of Amy and WooWoo Heart.

Ilaria :

I am an Italian girl and I had the privilege of wearing some of the WooWooHeart creations, such as bracelets and necklaces. I have to tell you that they represent for me not just a complement but an essential part of my daily outfit! They are absolutely unique! Each stone brings a particular feeling of strength and fullness and gives me  a special halo that I keep on me everyday! I must admit that i can't stop wearing my precious jewels!!

Crystal :

WooWooHearts bracelets are SO beautiful. They are packaged ready for gifting if that's what you're going to do because they make beautiful and special gifts.  Sometimes I get gifts that are ALL MINE! 

Christina :

I have been amassing a nice collection of jewelry from WooWooHeart – some with Paint Brush Jasper, Garnets, Carnelian, Sunstone, Fire Agate, Chrysanthemum, and others – and I enjoy each piece! I work in the legal field so most days I wear the clear Crystal bracelet – which was a wonderful gift from a friend – to assist in bringing about positive energy and inner power. When I have to appear in court, I wear a stack of Hematite bracelets which helps lift my confidence, making me feel invincible. The bracelets lay stealthily under my suit sleeve (my secret weapon) and I love them! Amy also gave me a bouquet of Selenite wands and suggested I hand them out to my co-workers. Working in a law firm can feel like being in a pressure cooker at times. Each of us has a Selenite wand in our office. Selenite helps clear negativity. It certainly has helped us. We are experiencing more positive and effective teamwork, and we all seem to be enjoying each other’s company more. Amy Mitchell is so knowledgeable and passionate about her collection. She has created so many wonderful designs and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for the future.

Mary-Anne :

I am lucky enough to own several of Amy's very special pieces of jewelry!   Every piece is beautifully packaged and you can feel the love & care that has gone into their creation as soon as you begin to open them.   I love the descriptions that Amy adds to each piece, making you aware not just of the jewelry's beauty, but also of its benefits to you too.  They would make the most perfect gift!  They really are special pieces, and even though I own a great variety of jewelry of many different price ranges, the items that I find myself always wanting to wear - because they feel like the perfect fit - are those made by Amy.

C.C. :

I love every bracelet I have received from WooWooHeart. The energy is divine and you feel the love that was put into their creations. Amy is easy to communicate with if there are special requests too. If you are considering a purchase for yourself or someone special, don't wait a single moment longer. Just do it! You will be glad you did.


I get so many compliments on my wonderful bracelet stacks from WooWooHeart!!  I just adore them!!