When artist Gilbert Baker designed the first pride flag over 40 years ago after being urged by Harvey Milk to create a symbol of Pride for the LGBT community, he chose colors of the rainbow to represent proclaiming one’s visibility as if to say “this is who I am!”

That beautiful six color rainbow flag symbolizes red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, indigo for harmony and purple for spiritual and the beautiful, striking color combination adds to the vitality and amazing feelings that come from Pride events.

Tapping into those amazing feelings is why I created my Pride gemstone jewelry line.  I wanted something that reminded me of the energy of Pride and carried the spirit and meaning of the Pride colors.  Since I am well versed in gemstones and their meanings and feel strongly that different gemstones carry different energies, I created Jewelry with gemstones that carry the same energy and meanings the Pride flag carries.


Life - Red Carnelian

Red Carnelian represents LIFE force energy.

Red Carnelian is all about vitality, victory, skill fearlessness and success!  It helps with overcoming fear and assists with motivation, and is a stone of energy with the essence of quiet determined passion.


Healing - Orange Dolomite

Orange Dolomite represents HEALING past hurts and clearing stagnant energy.

Orange Dolomite is an amazing gemstone for healing past hurts and clearing stagnate energy, expands feelings of compassion towards ourselves and others and works on releasing sorrow, loneliness and pain while assisting with tapping into your creativity and desires.


Sunlight - Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite connects you to your vitality and the energy of SUNLIGHT.

Yellow Calcite connects us to our vitality and the energy of the sunlight while increasing confidence, motivation and clearing out negative energy patterns all through your intention.


Nature - Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a stone of prosperity and also provides emotional tranquility, balances yin/yang energies, brings forward happiness and joy.  It promotes positivity, compassion and empathy and an easy, going attitude towards others and life. Green Aventurine connects us to nature, love and positive opportunities.


Harmony - Blue Lapis

Blue Lapis connects us to wisdom, truth and HARMONY.

Lapis is a gemstone that connects you to your higher truth, fosters verbal expression, and provides wisdom and is a great protector against negative energy.


Spiritual - Purple Amethyst

Purple Amethyst works on the physical, emotional and SPIRITUAL providing balance and peace

Amethyst assists with self-love, self-esteem, spiritual healing and inner reflection and growth. It helps with letting go of the past, people and substances that no longer serve our highest good and is known as a great protector with a calming and peaceful vibration that connects us to our joy and peace and provides assistance when dealing with loss and grief. Amethyst works on the physical, emotional and spiritual bringing forward balance and peace. 

Wear Your Pride

WooWooHeart Pride Magic gemstone jewelry is an attractive quality anchor for the energy of Pride and a talisman that offers you a reminder that joy, bliss, love, freedom and healing are available for you to tap into regardless of where you are at.  It is an amazing gift to yourself and others and offers a solution for you to participate in Pride any time or any day and experience all the goodness that goes along with it!!

New York Pride - BOLD
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New York Pride - BOLD

New York Pride Collection  Bold, make a big statement with large 8mm beads, while dazzling with Black Obsidian providing grounding and protection. with Black Obsidian providing grounding and protection, Red Carnelian representing LIFE force energy, Orange Dolomite for HEALING past hurts and clearing stagnant energy, Yellow Calcite to connect to your vitality and the energy of SUNLIGHT, Green Aventurine connects to NATURE, love and positive opportunities, Blue Lapis to connect us to wisdom, truth and HARMONY, Purple Amethyst to work on the physical, emotional and SPIRITUAL and to bring forward balance and peace.

My standard bracelet sizes are:
small: 6-6.5 inches
medium: 7-7.5 inches (This fits a medium women's wrist.)
large: 8-8.5 inches
Custom sizes are available.

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I still remember my very first Pride parade and festival that I attended over 30 years ago in Long Beach California and I have been hooked ever since.

The vibrant colors of the rainbow, the music, the joy, the bliss. The unabashed, unapologetic, flamboyant ways of some of the participants.  The freedom to be who you were and come out of hiding and the freedom to love who you loved.  The feeling of acceptance and not being judged was powerful.  Even protesters spewing hate were drowned out by the sounds, colors and unity of those attending. Oh, and the fun.  The fun that was had dancing, being with friends, being educated, enjoying food and drink and amazing entertainment.

The thing I love the most about the parade is how genuinely joyful people were.  The happiness is infectious and long lasting even once the weekend is over.  It reminds me of the many Pride festivals and parades I have attended over the years and serves as a reminder of the feelings of bliss, connection, love and acceptance that they bring.