Energy Jewelry Offerings



WooWooHeart was born when Amy set out to create tangible representations of our inner-power. WooWooHeart’s fine talisman jewelry and accessories combine symbology, essential oils, and gemstones – physical tokens with metaphysical properties. 

Photographs by: Ed Burns Photography (Feel your Joy, Wear it with Pride x2, Feel the Magic, Cast a spell)  Danielle Cohen (Beautiful Energy), Ashley Fincham (Cool AF, Wear Magic). All others by Amy Mitchell of WooWooHeart.


All WooWooHeart offerings are created with love and intention, by hand in California. The materials for each piece are selected for their quality, appearance and the properties they bring. Amy has an encyclopaedic knowledge of gemstones and crystals, choosing them for the support they can offer the wearer as talismans, as well as their beauty as fashionable accessories.


"You feel the love that was put into their creation."

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About Amy


WooWooHeart’s founder, Amy Mitchell, has a mission to bring beauty, compassion and love to anything and everyone with whom she comes in contact.

Being an empath and seeker at an early age, Amy understands that there is a world that exists beyond what we can see with our eyes which has led to some referring to her as “WooWoo”— something she considers a compliment. 

In 2013, Amy worked overseas in Italy where she became fast friends with her assistant. Her new friend made it her mission to teach the “misguided American” the beauty of texture, vibrancy and color. It was there that Amy developed an obsession with jewelry as an expressive form.

When Amy returned home, she began experimenting by creating talisman jewelry that combined her love of symbology, essential oils, and gemstones. Each of these have metaphysical properties Amy wanted in her own jewelry. Amy knew that certain physical tokens like gemstones and oils play important roles in the emotional worlds of the people around her. The properties and attributes we often seek outside of us are truly available to us from within.

WooWooHeart jewelry seeks to remind us of the strength that lies within ourselves.

Amy obtained her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in 2007.